Our Cattery


Welcome on Royal Devils*PL website. We are British shorthair cattery registered in Polish Feline Association (PFA) under the patronage of Felis Polonia (FPL) which is a member of  Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe).

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Curretly in our cattery we have cats with coat colours – blue, lilac, silver and gold.

We are a small cattery because in that way we can make the best care for each of our cats giving him everything what is needed for proper development.

Kittens which we pass to the new happy owners are healthy and vaccinated. They can use the litter box and they are used to touch and carrying on hands. New owners receive kitten along with health certificate, pedigree, and favourite toy and blanket.

Contact to us: 

Tel. (+48) 790004535
Tel. (+48) 790005532
e-mil: royaldevilspl@gmail.com
Warsaw, Poland

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